Sunday, December 26, 2010

The culture of the American company: Unlike almost all other developed countries

Americans are known as hard working people, always on the go, work long hours and precipitate an activity to another. A good work ethic an admirable characteristic, the disadvantage of our type a personality is that we finally so stressed we finish each day in a depleted state, don't know if we're coming or going. Some of us have forgotten how to relax! BTW, plopping on the bench for the tube does not count as relaxation. Our doctors of health problems to prevent unless we can stop such as hard disk. Not many actually eight this notice and to take measures to slow down. The principles of the culture of American companies, are far too well entrenched. Our children are catching up on how busy the calendar should be.

An element of the American company culture can be seen on your first job interview. As the businessmen waste time and have no time to waste anyway. You can wait a few minutes before it is called by the interviewer (busy to complete the task before the interview). As soon as you shake hands, sit and do business. If you are not your potential employer insurmountable personality type A, you feel very uncomfortable. You can still get the job as the interviewer that you see also also thrown back!

Now compare us American business culture of European company culture. An American looking for employment in Europe absolutely must be European protocol aimed at avoiding a painful situation, which could prove to be non-refundable. Don't expect your first meeting with a prospective employer interview, in the sense of a typical American interview. The French are particularly insisted at this stage. Your first meeting is full of polite conversation and to perform in English, if possible. This shows that you are interested enough in their culture is a basic, if imperfect of language understanding. You can bet that the interviewer speaks English, if you do, but this is not a grass of culture of American companies.

The purpose of this first meeting is evaluating your personality and style. There may be no one single word exchanged on the position. If you have any questions or comments something related to employment or work, it is considered to be demanding and tough! French businessman considers it very important that you have a nice person, those in the Organization as a member of the family, will apply. You can be invited to lunch, which is just more of the same thing. No analysis of the activity would take place. Once you have agreed on a personal level, you can then you are invited to dinner. This is when the issues are discussed. This is when you receive an offer.

If you come to the Japan on businesses, prepared for the culture shock. Japanese business culture is so very different from American business culture, you must teach carefully planned meeting business Protocol. For example, there are a number of rituals that must be taken before ever sit down you. There are ritual business card layout. You'll be embarrassed and points and facilitates lose if you don't know what is happening and your role in the ritual. You can be offered which identifies not you, but have to eat food. If you have any how graciously declines, you've made a horrible insult, defame yourself and probably not get the job!

We are American companies in our culture, we hate comes from wasting time. This is the way we are. However, the French get 5 weeks of paid annual leave. Hmm. This is something to consider.


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