Saturday, March 26, 2011

United States history

Although the history of the United States only a few hundred years is, at that time a lot has happened. United States history is the history of one of the first modern democracies. The United States was the first area successfully rebellion from England, one of the first major economic powers of the modern era, a haven for inventors and individualists of all stripes, and the site of some of the most epics battle of ideology and collisions between different peoples. The civil war, Indian wars, the civil rights movement and of course the slave trade have always part of our national consciousness, and have a deep mark on our national psyche.

When I first studied United States history in school, it was taught as a series of dates and cold facts. While some of these facts were interesting, was for the most part I pretty bored by it. I didn't really think that the United States history-or all history for that matter-is just a story. How to study history, is to go with it. It is the story of the struggle between different people, different ideologies and different cultures over time. If you don't like a story, you don't find it interesting. No one enjoys just memorizing facts.

One of the most interesting and most neglected areas of the United States history is the fight of the labor. Many of the rights that we have today – the 40 hour work week, the weekend, the right to organize peacefully, and the right to make a living at our jobs-come from the struggle of the labor. Although Socialists and even Liberals often maligned in this country, they were responsible for the development of decent labour standards for workers. By studying this aspect of the history of the United States, can we achieve a better understanding of how our lives better in this day and age. The fight for our daily bread is an ongoing battle and part of the economic history of the United States.

Of course, there is more than one way to look at United States history. One can even speak of multiple histories of the United States. History is much more complicated than people originally thought. You can think of it as a story of the laws adopted by key leaders, but there is also the history of ordinary people. This is something that is just in our time is investigated.


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