Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aviation videos

I am a fan of fresh air for as long as I can remember. I used to love the aircraft flying model with my father. As I grew up, become a follower of the plan. I initially wanted to be a pilot, my vision is very bad, so I never made the cut. Anyway I can still live vicariously through my videos airshows and aviation dreams.

The first video I saw aviation was actually only a few years previously. I've always loved the air shows up when I could, but I never thought to look at videos of aviation to the extent. I've always considered that some of the magnitude of the air may be lost on the screen. After all, is part of what I listen to the airshows prosperous rough jet engines and to see how incredibly high in the sky they have. However, when one of my friends I video plane stresses the fact that I had to see sent, I try. As it turns out, I was not disappointed.

It is a Discovery Channel documentary on the Blue Angels and some of the most spectacular as I had never seen pictures. You could see them fly in formation as if you were there next to them. It also switched views many, that was fun. It allows you to see view of the pilot, the display of the soil and the following camera that showed overall training plan large enough perspective view.

Since then, I have known in all aviation videos. I have everything. I love watching airplanes racing, videos of training aircraft and, of course, air display movies. My favorite, however, are simulated combat videos. Sometimes see you in movies such as top gun. At other times, you can actually get ahold of video clips of dogfighting aircraft training. I spent hours and hours playing on flight simulators, but somehow, these films hit everything. There is nothing like watching the pros to do what they do best. The cascades to defy death, the narrow misses have and large manoeuvres give me an adrenaline rush like nothing else I know. Even if I get only a few minutes from the dog, a film by fighting, usually gets me hooked. Even fantasy films such as the day of independence and Star Wars are exciting to watch.


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